Wednesday, December 26, 2007

killing time while waiting for the keys

I was little once:

Also, I have a new guitar:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How The World Works: Mexico

Andrew is teaching me how the world works:
“Because people who have seasonal jobs in the states—landscapers, some types of contractors, etc.—they don’t like working in the colder months. They buy a few cars in the states in the fall, fill ‘em with stuff, drive them to Central America, sell the stuff, and then live off the profits for the winter like kings and queens!”

Mateo took a bite of his grouper taco.

Still chewing, he added, “Hey, I make $1,000 a week busting my butt driving a cab in Manhattan. Why would I stay there in the winter when it’s freezing when I could relax by the beach for a few months in my home country? It doesn’t make sense. Once I sell these cars, I’ll relax for three months in El Salvador and have a little vacation. Little! Hah!” He laughed at the simplicity of it all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yule Tide

We did it! We Meltdowns finally made a Christmas song! BEFORE Christmas! (although... isn't it always... before... the next one?)

Anyway, we turned our entire website into a big e-card so you can listen to the song, down lode it, or mail it to people you loves. Check it.

My son. My son has gotten older. He's still effeminate.
What the hell am I supposed to buy an effeminate 26 year old man?
You would think by now he's made up his mind to spend the rest of his life that way.

Manly Stuff.

Power tools. Books about motorcycles. Insulated flannel. Yeah, there's always a chance.

My turn at the line!

Friday, December 07, 2007

When I got the music, I got a place to go

Show tonight (Fri Dec 7, 9pm) in Montclair!!! 8 Park St., below the street. Meltdowns, Screaming Females, OAOTs, Porchistas. Who's fuckin AWESOME?

Maybe see you there.