Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"I'll be rude, I'll be rude, I'll be rude, only with you"

Been a little busy over the last few weeks. I just bought the Cansei de Ser Sexy record. The American release, anyway. Can't believe I waited this long, I'd been listening to "Let's Make Love..." for a long time. I'm in love with Lovefox. It's true. The whole record deserves some discussion, instead of just unjustified praise. It's really simple, it's really well done, it's deadly. It's everything that would make you fall in love with a woman... me, anyway. From the fun of "Alcohol", to the libido and sarcasm of "Meeting Paris Hilton" and "Off The Hook," to the vitriol of "This Month, Day 10," it's a big beautiful pile of fun songs that cross a broad range of human emotion and a way of looking at it that I'm really into.

Also, the hot beats, and the way it's sung. Goddamn you half Japanese girls. Music is my girlfriend.

Speaking of which, I've a gig this Saturday, Dec 1st, at the Lamp Post in Jersey City. We're playing with Screaming Females, which has me very excited and kinda nervous, they're very good. I'll just shove that nervousness down there with my socks. We've been practicing for this one, and we've some new songs to boot. The Lamp Post is a cool joint, and I'm hoping we can make it another *place* to go see live rock music in this area. It's really accessible and I actually know the folks who work there! Rock!

If you want to come, know that it starts at 10pm, and it's a 21+ joint. It's at 382 2nd St, Jersey City, NJ 07302.

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