Tuesday, June 03, 2008

After The Fact

Some after-the-facts:

1. Service at Enid's in Greenpoint is terrible. I'm always really polite to wait-staff, and my friends are polite, too. None of us was particularly difficult customers, we ordered some food and some drinks, and couldn't quite understand the snootiness. I think we didn't look cool enough to merit decent treatment. This was last Saturday eve, before our gig at Matchless. The food is mad over-priced to boot. I see no reason to ever go there again (although I do want their collared greens recipe).

2. Sounds of the City, the VillageVoice music blog, would be way more useful/interesting if they posted news about sweet concerts when they're announced, and not the day of when tickets are sold out.... I need to try a little harder, and keep my ear to the ground, but I don't ever write posts about things you can't go see. They do it all the time. "CHECK ME OUT, YO!"

And that's my complaining for the day. Go to themeltdowns.com for a more enriching blog post.

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