Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go

This morning's reading comes from Matt Taibbi, yet again, in response to Jake DeSantis' childish Op-Ed in the NYTimes:

I mean, half of Wall Street is unemployed right now. There are plenty of unemployed traders out there whose resumes don't include such entries as "Worked for years at small unit of AIG that helped destroy the universe; throughout that time was completely ignorant of burgeoning global disaster unfolding 5 feet from my desk."

[ ... ]

Hey Jake, it's not like you were curing cancer. You were a fucking commodities trader. Thanks to a completely insane, horribly skewed set of societal values that puts a premium on greed and severely undervalues selflessness, communal spirit and intellectualism -- values that make millionaires out of people like you and leave teachers and nurses, the people who raise your kids and clean your parents' bedpans, comparatively penniless -- you made a lot of money.

Good for you. Consider yourself lucky. But your company went belly-up and broke, almost certainly thanks in part to you, and now you don't get your bonus.

So be a man and deal with it. The rest of us do, when we get bad breaks, and we've had a lot more of them than you. And stop whining. Jesus Christ.

Also: Fuck them.


Adam said...

My main beef with Jake is that his op-ed almost seems sane until he complains that he was sold out by Liddy. AIG is (putting it lightly) the least defensible player in the global financial crisis. AIG goes to congress and gets a much deserved ass-whooping and according to Jake, Liddy is supposed to stand up for his bonus!? It really matters not who was in what division at what time.

The bonehead even goes as far as equating his work with the military: "answering [his] country's call". If you are really doing it for your country, then the bonus wouldn't really matter, then fucking learn to buck up and take some criticism on the chin and keep working.

Then he decides it makes him some sort of saint to donate his retention payment to charity. No, I think you and your kind have fucked up enough and don't deserve anymore to choose where that money goes.

Billy Gray said...

It's like the people who work for TSA at the airport security checks, in my mind. I don't care if it's your job to be an asshole, you're still responsible for being an asshole. Don't work for assholes.

Adam said...

Except TSA people don't write lengthy diatribes to their bosses and BCC the NY Times, letting everybody know how inculpable and how much of a saint they really are. What a dick.

Billy Gray said...

Haha, yeah they just take my sunblock, they don't punch holes in the economy ;-)

Adam said...


Billy Gray said...

dude i made that joke once nearly got my ass thrown in jail