Monday, June 08, 2009

We Need a Better Senator

Charles Schumer will give head for money:
Mr. Sheils estimated that only 12 million people with private coverage would migrate to a public plan if Congress provided protections for insurers, along principles suggested by Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York. Seeking to broker a deal that might attract Republican support, Mr. Schumer is promoting many of Mr. Nichols’s proposals, including that a public plan be subject to the same regulations as private plans and that it pay providers at higher levels than Medicare.
Just to be clear, what Chuck is proposing is gutting the public plan so that it won't do the good thing we'd want it to do: use our awesome bargaining power to drive better rates.

And a single-payer system is off the table, too. God forbid everybody has to pay in to a health insurance plan. These folks like to rant and rave about how it's wrong to force people to pay for it, but they still expect someone to take them to the hospital if they get sick or hurt, and they expect to be treated even if they can't afford it.

They have no problem paying taxes to kill people in other countries, but heaven forfend paying a tithe to insure you can get decent medical care. A tithe too many people already pay too much into, to support everyone else, to little good effect.

I wonder how our "Universal" health care system is really going to turn out. Sounds like the big companies see a similar opportunity to "change the rules" in this historic moment for a long time to come.

Fucking assholes. Fuck you, Chuck.

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