Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Just to mention something that is obvious, but hopefully not overlooked, i.e., if this country cannot pass a bill which insures that every citizen has access to medical care, which every developed country has managed to do (and got done many many years ago), there is something very fundamentally and structurally wrong with this country.
Such an event, in my mind, would confirm that we live with a completely corrupt and dysfunctional form of government. Forty nine states, each with bicameral legislative bodies, some of which have distinguished themselves recently with unabashed levels of incompetency and cluelessness. Then, graft a federal government over that, which is also bicameral, the non-representative portion of it being filled with officials who are certifiable morons and/or who are bought and sold like whores by wealthy contributors.

Talk about a Waterloo.

This is a defining moment in our history. Do we fulfill our supposed status as a "shining city on a hill" or continue our long slow decline into a second rate oligarchy?

I am not one prone to hyperbole.

I believe this to the depths of my soul.

I think my countrymen have a unique knack for shooting themselves in the foot. We can just give billions of dollars away to pure criminals as a reward for ripping us off, we can spend billions blowing up people who never did a damn thing to us, but GOD FORBID we spend any money making sure that everybody's healthcare is paid for up front. Much better to let it get even more expensive, make the profiteers even richer, and those of us in the middleclass can continue to pay for all the uninsured when they do get sick as they always do, and do get care at the hospital because you can't in good conscience let them die.

Bunch of goddamn assholes.

People in Europe work some 350 hours less a year than we do in this country. Even the Japanese work 150 hours less. We're starting to look more and more backwater and second rate as the time goes on. This is the legacy of our corporatist system.

Alright, enough ranting, gotta get the brownbag together for lunch and head to work.


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Jersey Beat said...

I thought there were 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) last time I looked. Did Alaska secede?

Universal health care is never going to work until the pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, and the insurance industry want it to work.
Until then, the government will just be pouring money into a bottomless pit.