Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pithy, but Apt

I love Atrios for his ability to boil these things down into perspectives that people can easily grok -- mostly because it's painful reality. Today:

No We Can't

I know not everyone shares my fondness for supertrains, but it is depressing how easy we can light hundreds of billions of dollars on fire every time someone shouts war, but building a tunnel and running a choochoo through it is almost an unimaginable act, unlike elsewhere.
Also, Blogger still sucks for the simple fucking task of making blog post or even copying and pasting in graphs from other bloggers. Even the link button isn't working. I mean, fuck it, I'll just use textile, I need to get off this thing.

Oh, yes: I'm back. Obviously, I need a rant-and-rave blog. I need to stop bombing facebook with link after link of "jesus what the fuck is this garbage" posts. A place where I can spew bile on the internet, because a lot of things in this world make me fucking sick. (Incidentally, so does having to take Oxycodone and antiobiotics, more on that later)

So, I will find a place to spew anew, one that lets me post bookmarklet-style so I can hyperlink up all the doom I can find, and only the people who actually enjoy this sort of thing need read it. And I'll post the linkovich here.

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