Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Aristocrats Are Proud!

That disgraceful Wall St whore, the retiring Senator Chris Dodd is on my radio (wnyc) congratulating himself for a financial reform bill that doesn't reform and a shitty health insurance bill that will likely prevent universal health care from ever happening, "it took a hundred years, best we could of done, the right thing to do," blah blah blah BULLSHIT, all of it.

Quick fact check for Chris Dodd: it did NOT take 100 years to pass a bill forcing everyone to buy shitty private health insurance to make rich pariahs even richer (in particular making sure that PHARMA will be one of the most powerful lobbies, ever). It HAS taken 100 years to get universal healthcare, and we still don't have it. And probably never will, thanks to you, buddy.

But, you know, the Republicans are scary so I should just shut the hell up and make some phone calls, donate some money. Get tested for drugs, that sort of thing.

The Aristocrats!

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