Friday, February 15, 2008

Eff Emm Yoo

Warning - dork out:

So there I am last night after rehearsal, minding my own business, as usual. And I take a ride with Lloyd and Gerry over to the WFMU studio in Jersey City. We're going to see Pat Duncan, who runs an awesome broadcast that usually features a loud and rockin band playing in the studio. A tech from WFMU had come to one of our shows and was really into it, talked us up to Pat, and Pat sent us a nice note on myspace inviting us to come by and drop off a CD.

So we've got some copies of the EP and we go there and we ring the bell and the door magically opens and we go upstairs and we're in the on-air studio room, rapping with Pat, if you will, and he just puts on our music, OUR MUSIC, on the RADIO, on fucking WFMU!!!

I still haven't quite absorbed that. 91.1 WFMU in Jersey City is a big deal to us folks around here, we listen to it all the time, so do all of our friends. It's a free-form radio station that broadcasts all over the world on the interwubs, and has a really large audience. I worked the phone's one night for last year's pledge marathon, it was neat... anyway, I'm drifting from the point

WE GOT PLAYED ON WFMU!!! TWICE!! And our record is now in their library!!!!! We were briefly speaking on air, but I wouldn't call it an interview (thank god, I'm the w├╝rst at interviews and should not ever be allowed to open my mouth), more of a hello and we got to mention our show on Saturday. And we're supposed to get back in touch about playing live on-air on his show sometime in May before we leave for the tour.

Wow. I thought we were just dropping off CDs.

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