Friday, February 29, 2008

leap year day reflections

[ edited x-post from LJ... took the dirt out, for public decency ]

Unlike the New Year's holiday, the leap year day actually does make me stop and pause to consider where things are at. Which makes sense, since four years is quite a bit longer. I have to actually think about it a little harder.
So, what happened, then? What's changed?

Well, I didn't live on my own back then. I lived in a huge, cold apartment in Gloomfield, NJ, I was in a relationship that was beginning to shake and break. My band played with drum machines, we were okay but people weren't really into it. I was working at the University, riding my bike a lot. Taking care of someone who couldn't take care of herself. Ugh. I really didn't like my cushy university job, either. I felt pretty much like I was living in nowhere north-jersey and going nowhere fast. It was one of those times where I just couldn't see anything for myself, no future, nothing. I was 23 and bored, unhappy and spinning my wheels.

So, then:

I no longer live in NJ.
I actually love where I live.
I've learned to play capoeira, I've learned to go rock climbing, and to surf.
I'm not in any shitty relationship(s).
I have my own apartment.
My band rocks, actually has fans.
I have a job I actually like, with the possibility of a long career.
I have goals and stuff! (I want to run my own onsen someday - a japanese-style bath house on a hot spring)

Yeah, this totally rules! Alright then, just checking. How about everyone else?

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