Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zelda Pinwheel - our Diamonds so quiet

One of my favorite bands, Zelda Pinwheel, had been sadly on hiatus for a little while. Their records are always beautiful, and their live shows are always stunning, and the last few releases saw them get closer and closer to capturing their performances.

Happily, they're back from hiatus with a new full-length, our Diamonds so quiet on earSnake records. They seem to manage to get one out every year. My band has only managed to put out two EPs in four years, I think this is Stephen and crew's fourth full-length in five; the guy puts me to shame with his abundance of output. A band that grows by leaps and bounds with every record and every live performance, I can't wait to hear the whole disc. Especially given the preview track.

Congratulations, guys!

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