Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Suckers Is What We Is

I hate my Treo.

It's a hard life, I know.

Been thinking about getting an iPhone, and I usually think better of it. Poking around at the sites again today I found that while the normal iPhone customer pays AT&T ~$80 / mo for unlimited data and only 200 text messages (or $120/mo for unlimited minutes and still only 200 text messages!), corporate subscribers get unlimited text message plans for only $65/mo. Notice the lack of a .99 on that price tag, too. Nice to know that AT&T is looking out for the little guy. Jerks.

It won't be long before it's just them and Verizon Wireless. And maybe Sprint will hang in there. Cell companies are like shitty landlords - it doesn't get better when you move, just different. Maybe NTT DoCoMo will open up for business in the US and bring us cell phones that buy junk food from vending machines. Because we can't get it fast enough.

Back to work!

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