Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tank Crash!

Did I ever mention that I started a record label with Adam some time ago? It's called Tank Crash! and it has lain mostly dormant, save for releases from The Meltdowns.

But I'm thinking of a bit of a revival these days for two reasons:

1) I know a lot more people these days, who would either care about the music, or would want to release music on the label.

2) I can pretty easily throw together a Rails app that would handle a page for each release, catalogue them, and provide the download features and all that so that it's just a matter of uploading the zip file and the record cover for the artist. Perhaps a CSS file, too.

I mean, I'm envisioning a system for free releasing music to the Internets. But I suppose a pay system could be plugged into it pretty easily later on...

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