Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I recently had the pleasure of attending the recent All Tomorrow's Parties event in Monticello, NY, with Mr. Forde. One of the things I just didn't expect was that:
  1. I was getting to see Autolux
  2. That it would be one of the best performances I've seen in recent memory
So, here I am, minding my own business, and an Autolux tshirt just arrived for me in the mail, and I figured I should say: hey, check this out!

Their album Future Perfect has been out for some time now, and they're new record is supposedly due out in January. FP is beautiful, howling, grooving and deranged pop music, but despite this I didn't expect that during performance the band would be so loud, so powerful, so pounding. From songs I didn't recognize, possibly off the forthcoming LP, to the songs that I did know from FP, it was an astonishing set, with their drummer Carla doing an incredible amount of programming work from behind the kit while crushing out, marching-snare style, one of the tightest sets I've ever seen.

I think Mr. Forde and I fell in love with Carla that evening. Definitely.

In any event: AUTOLUX. Check it out. Watch for the new record. (Trying to get hold of an advance copy now, but I'm not holding my breath!)

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