Monday, October 12, 2009

Wanker of the Day

John Gruber:
To any American who isn’t happy about our president having won the Nobel Peace Prize: There is something wrong with you.
From Glenn Greenwald, on this topic:

[T]o insist that it's the patriotic obligation of every American to stand and cheer -- and that those who don't are "casting their lot with the Terrorists" -- is creepy and repugnant. It's also a very dangerous game to play.

There is something seriously wrong with people who use the cudgel of nationalism to insist that dissent is illegitimate. Sure, there were some people really freaking the fuck out, and there is something wrong with some of those people. But there are a whole lot of dirty fucking hippies like me who think it's inappropriate to award a peace prize to someone who is "advocating, actively prosecuting and escalating, a major war that is killing large numbers of civilians with no plans to stop, while at the same time building prisons to house people who will have no due process."

Oh well, guess it's time to turn in my citizenship and go back to... where exactly?


Adam N. Copeland said...

John Gruber frequently qualifies for wanker of the day. I think he deserves wanker of the year. With a trophy and all. The irony here is that Gruber doesn't realize how Bush-era his rationale is.

Furthermore, his dime store politicking bullshit is distracting Gruber from delivering what we all want from him: whining and bloviating about iPhone apps or how he's been dealt a shit hand in the world because his battery life is less than he expected.

Billy Gray said...

Speak, brother Adam, let your voice be heard!

> dime store politicking

I'mma steal that one, I like that. It's amazing how his simple, rat-minded political word view is exactly that of an effete elite, a jester of the court, in on the joke.

Adam N. Copeland said...

The greatest humorists and minds of all generations invent language: Shakespeare, Melville, Twain.

We can now add Kanye west to that pantheon, as he has brought this word to HIS generation: