Monday, November 30, 2009

Even the Tech Pundits are Like the Village (idiots)

It’s not easy to take tech pundits seriously. Aside from the frequent inaccuracy of their various predictions and the bilious snark of their analyses, you often find yourself trying to reckon with some truly stupid people.

Take for instance a review of the Motorla Droid by professional bloviator Stewart Alsop, linked to this morning without any irony by the much-respected John Gruber, emphasis mine:

The process management in the OS stinks. Press on an app icon; maybe it will come up and maybe the phone will just not respond. Who’s to know why? Try pressing on the phone icon at 70 mph and have it not respond. Then try pressing again. And then get a message something like: “Activity Home (in process android.process.acore) is not responding.” Force Quit or Wait. Oops! I just drove into the guy in front of me when he slowed down and now I’m dead!

He goes on to add, “I’m not actually joking,” just so you really get his point.

Seriously? This is about as blindingly brilliant as … as … words fail, really. The OS running on Droid may in fact be very slow to respond, but it’s hard to take advice from someone so stupid as to complain that he isn’t able to use the thing to his diverted satisfaction while driving a 2000 lb bomb some seventy miles an hour around other human beings. I know as well as anybody else that phones tempt one to use them while driving, but last I checked it was something that almost all public policy pundits, wonks and politicians agreed was a very bad, highly fatal idea.

Maybe you accidently turned on the Social Darwinism app, Stewart? It speaks to a level of cluelessness and indifferent contempt for the real world and other people that ought to be damning but is extremely common in all of our public discourse.


Adam N. Copeland said...

Gerry has a Droid. It is sufficiently awesome. This turd seems to like writing broad statements without backing them up with anything.

"The keyboard is horrible and I’ve never used it"

What is horrible about it? How do you know it is horrible if you never used it?

"The software doesn’t work and is unacceptable on a mobile device."


Even better are the Apple fanboy commenters which veer into the absurdist:

"Instead of a Droid I recommend a MacBook Air to go with your iPhone. If you cannot tether to iPhone, get a Verizon Mi-Fi for the Air."

Oh yeah good idea instead of a phone I'll get a $2000 computer. Thanks.

Billy Gray said...


I have played around with one briefly, the device has a lot of promise.