Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh I'm On Fire

JMM, who I'm coming to feel is more and more in the camp of the Rahm Emmanuel's of the world, whether he will admit to it or not, has posted this:

As you can see in our new feature post, a group of conservative and not-so-conservative Democrats in the senate pushing to use the upcoming need to up the national debt ceiling to insist that a commission be formed -- perhaps on the model of the old base closing commission -- to rein in spending and get the national finances under control. Anyone who looks at the national budget knows that if you start with the assumption that deficits are a critical problem right now that there are two big levers to get them under control -- cutting social insurance programs like Social Security, Medicare and so on or raising taxes. You can make a dent on discretionary spending. But there's just not enough money there. And it's awfully hard to see how you make significant cuts in defense while you're expanding one of two wars the country is fighting.

Amazing how even smart people swallow this bullshit hook, line, and sinker. You could start by killing Blackwater contracts. You could start by cutting back on payouts, welfare, and subsidies to the aerospace and defense industries that run Congress. Or you could take "entitlements" away from poor people who have payed into those programs their whole God-damned lives. The give-aways to defense contractors are simply that, you don't need to cut back on our troops in the field. And that's just your options if you want consider never-ending war and endless freedom bombs.

Fuck the bunch of you. When you get rolled in 2010 or 2012 or whenever it finally comes, you'll know why. Where is the outrage that we're even considering this, never mind letting yet more Capital-C conservatives go even further into the dismantling of the liberal state that is already very-nearly dead and gone?

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