Thursday, March 13, 2008

PATH Train mutha fuckaaaaa

Friday night I was headed back into NYC from a visit to some galleries in Jersey City. And there was only one train *pssshhhhh* running *pssssssshhhhh* delayed twenty minutes *psshhhhhh* world trade center train *pssssshhhh* signal work *psssshh*

I swear the station announcer was fucking drunk when he recorded the message, he really sounded like it, and the crap PA system didn't help either. And after one World Trade Center train rolled by in Grove St while some 5 had gone towards Newark and no 33rd street trains turned up, and I had been standing there half an hour trying to decipher the message, I figured out he was trying to tell us there was only one train going to the city, the WTC train.

Everybody else stayed on the platform waiting for the 33rd. Except the two girls I was standing nearby, I said "this is the only train, you should get on."

Signs everywhere commemorating the 100th anniversary of that crap rail road. And then the very next night, Saturday night? The whole things shits itself.

I am not a fan of the PATH train.

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