Thursday, January 29, 2009

No More Turning the Other Cheek, Plskthxbye

Fuck the Republicans, right in the ear. I'm not crazy about bailouts (far from it actually), and I'm really not sure the stimulus bill is going to do what everything thinks is possible (it isn't itself a bail-out, but the fundamental economics involved are pretty debatable).

But this shit is retarded. Grow some goddamn backbones, you spineless congressional dems, you losers Harry Reid, get on the fucking teevee, and tell Dick Armey to go back into his closet under the stairs and cry softly to himself because the country DOES NOT WANT.

At least make some attempt at owning the message, I mean COME ON.

Halperin believes, for reasons that are unclear, that the paramount goal was to win the support of lawmakers who were wrong and who were advocating bad ideas. It's not about what works, or what would actually improve the economy in the midst of a serious recession. What really matters is "bipartisan solutions." Why? Because Mark Halperin says so. Merit be damned -- if Democrats liked the legislation and Republicans didn't, it's necessarily flawed.

In our reality, Obama did make "centrist compromises," and liberals in the Democratic Party didn't like it. Obama did the opposite of Bush's style of governing -- he engaged the congressional minority, listened to their ideas, and weakened his own bill to garner a larger majority. House Republicans insisted on a worse bill, Democrats wouldn't give them one, so the GOP voted against it. Halperin inexplicably believes that's Obama's fault.

I'm trying to wrap my head around Halperin's logic here. By his reasoning, the only appropriate thing for Obama to do was let Republicans -- who failed at governing, and who've been rejected by voters -- shape the bill, addressing the crisis they helped create. If the far-right House GOP caucus was unsatisfied, it was Obama's responsibility to make them happy. Why? Because Mark Halperin says so.

This is absurd.

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