Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello, Jerks

Please wake up and realize that you have both the White House and the Congress and get your act together.

I'm NOT crazy about the idea of the stimulus package, not convinced it will work, but I know what WON'T work: letting the idiots who got us into this mess railroad your only working idea into something that amounts to a worthless waste of money and tax cuts for rich people.

So if you're going to save the economy by spending a ton of money, that fucking do it, and get on the goddamn TEEVEE and tell Kit Bond and all those other failures and losers with no ideas to shut the fuck up.

Sell it to the public, sell it to me, stop letting these people who've received a vote of no confidence from the entire country dictate the terms of discourse. Or you will lose. And we will lose. We will lose a lot of jobs AAAAAND a lot of money. Wouldn't that be fun? And at that point you can't really blame it on the damn GOP, only your lilli selves. So get to it, jerks!

Thank you.

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