Sunday, May 10, 2009

OMG Bobblespeak

This fella over here is providing "translations" of the political bullshit shows like Hardball and Meet The Press. Here's a snippet of David Gregory interviewing Hamid Karzai earlier today:

Karzai: ah i recall when the international community came to us in 2001

Gregory: the invasion?

Karzai: ah yes

Gregory: so it is too late?

Karzai: ah yes your Bush is quite a fuck-up

Gregory: since Obama became President i just became concerned about civilian casualties

Karzai: ah yes I noticed that

Gregory: so

Karzai: please stop bombing our villages thank you

Gregory: why is it that this issue bothers you so much?

Karzai: the dead children - ah well that's just the people you know how they are

Gregory: is your country pathetic and fucked?

Karzai: no not all we have many students studying abroad
One of the funnier things I've read in a little while.

Okay, back to programming with a dull hang-over.

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