Friday, May 15, 2009

These Are the Most Delicate Songs

Well I've posted it all over the rest of the Internets, might as well finish the job.

Ben Franklin has a preview of the new record up. It's just three songs, and we'll be giving it out on a CD-R this Saturday night, and it's titled These Are the Most Delicate Songs. We're not making it available for download just yet, but you can have a listen over on our MySpace page.

I'm pretty excited about how it sounds, the recording quality seems really quite good, at least to my non-expert ears. Daniel Schlett who has been engineering and mixing our stuff has done a great job, and he's getting to use fantastic equipment over at the Pigeon Club. He's also adamant about using hardware compressors and pre-amps, many of them with transistors and tubes hanging out the back, instead of protools plugins, and I think that's part of the reason it all sounds so great so far. You can beat that old Spectre Sonics 610 for mixing a bass guitar signal! Ooh lookit i'm name dropping equipment. DOOOORK.

It's a little weird to listen to your own voice. I guess that will never change. But this is the first time I've ever had good recordings like this of songs I've written or been party to writing. Singing live on stage at a rock and roll show seems like old hat to me, but in the studio you see how much room for improvement you've got. I have a lot of that. A whole lot. But still, this is a good start.

One of the oddest things I had to get over was that my voice doesn't sound the way I'd like it to, it sounds the way it does. I know that sounds pretty elemental and stupid, but if you ever try this yourself you'll know you'll want to sound awesome, or rocking, or passionate, or like Tom Waits or Brit Daniel or take your pick. I sound like an 18 year old. That's how it's gonna be, that's what I've got to work with. So it goes!

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