Thursday, May 07, 2009

Social Contract? I didn't sign anything...

Matt Taibbi digs in his heels to support "populist anger", or rather to point out that it's not as dangerous as the Elite Media declaim, in fact it's just about toothless here in the U.S.:

And this isn't about vengeance, it's about policy: if the "consequence" for blowing a $4 trillion hole in the economy is seeing masses of government officials line up to hurl billions of taxpayer dollars at you, that doesn't provide much of an incentive to fix your behavior....

The social contract has to be considered broken when some dumb schmuck can go to jail for five real years for selling a bag of weed while a guy who went to Harvard and Wharton and had all possible advantages gets nothing but a bailout and a temporarily lowered bonus regime for destroying billions of dollars of public wealth.
As for the credit card companies, fuck them.


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