Monday, September 28, 2009

Everything Goes Blarf

I'm at the sixth track of Vivian Girls' new 13 song album Everything Goes Wrong, and I'm not sure I'll be making it all the way to the end of the album. Track six, "Survival," is so far the best of the lot. Then again, I've never liked Hüsker Dü, so it's probably no surprise I like this about as much as that. Get off my lawn!

Update: yep, not for me. The record does get creative in parts, and there are some interesting turns of pop through out the squall of noise and fast punk beat and dream-y girl-y vocals. But I find it pretty boring, over all, and I don't get the appeal.

Yes, I am returned from Türkiye.


Adam N. Copeland said...

Hüsker Dü did more for me than Vivian Girls did. But that isn't saying much. I get enough pipe cleaner ear at live shows thanks very much.

Billy Gray said...

Speaking of pipe cleaners - I hear Lightning Bolt have a new record.