Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thrashy Punk, Spastic Funk Freakouts

A really great write-up from Mr. Testa over on the Jersey Beat editor's desk for Ben Franklin's first record:
On their debut self-released full-length, Brooklyn's Ben Franklin mash together some unlikely influences – thrashy punk, spastic funk freakouts, poppy ba-ba-ba choruses – and somehow make it all work. The frantic, technical guitar parts and elastic lead vocals come courtesy of Billy Gray (ex-Meltdowns,) while the bouncy basslines and backup vox belong to Eddie Garza (ex-One & Only Typicals, Imperialists,) with ubiquitous Asbury Park sessionperson Sarah Tomek keeping up with the guys on the frenetic drum parts. Songs like “Tell Me How You Really Feel” and “Drink To Forget” segue from booty-shaking funk workouts to head-bopping Beatlesque bridges, while “Montclair” tones things down a notch for romantic reminiscence. Imagine Cheap Trick jamming with the Minutemen and you might get an idea of Ben Franklin’s potent pop/funk fusion. Turn it up, and get ready to dance.

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