Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frozen Gentlemen - eponymous

I ordered the Frozen Geez's new self-recorded and self-released CD from their website and it arrived while I was in istanbul. So I'm finally spinning it now, and from the launch of the opening track, "Once Had a Problem," I'm dancing in my seat, smacking the table, rocking in my chair, banging my head in rhythm, demanding that my coworkers listen to it over the wireless share, and generally being ostentatious and annoying because I can't help it.

DISCO ROCK FUNK AWESOME. Tight beats, heart-stopping pauses, mad funk style, karate-chopping guitar licks, and bonkers lead and harmony vocals. I'm not sure how else to describe their music. Listening to this debut record is like being at one of their shows, but you can make out every last glorious lyric, some of which are just inevitably lost in a live show. And I can't thrash about quite so much in here.

Holy crap, the fidelity of this record is good! The only thing I find lacking is that I think it could use a little more of the Booty Bass. Go get a copy right now. I don't think you can download it. I think you need to shell out some cash, you wanksta.

Order it from them over here right now.

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