Monday, March 16, 2009

Ben Franklin @ Petri Space

Ben Franklin @ Petri Space, originally uploaded by Pintado.

Eddie and I had a retarded good time playing the Variety show we were invited to by Ms. Brittain Ashford. Fantastic performers all around, and it was really just a great venue.

Allow me to be my whimsical and cheesy self (if you're still reading my blog chances are you've gotten used to this): it was just so nuts to be singing on the stage to all these people and look over their heads out the window at the city proper's skyline in the distance.

Rock and roll Art Deco fuck yes. Everybody was really great, and we got a really enthusiastic response from the crowd. There were lots of smiles while we performed, but even Matt (of the OAOTs) and Gönül said they couldn't tell while we were playing if the crowd was into it until we'd finish a song and then they'd bust out the applause en masse.

Not bad!

Thanks for the photo, whoever you are, random person on facebook!

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