Saturday, March 07, 2009

Stoner Rock on Crack Rock

A set of goofball riff ideas that I really like, and they came together in a very fun way. Just needed to set the parts down together with the bass part and see if it was fun to rock out with, wank some cheez solos and all that. Pleased, I think we have a winner, if I can think of any vocals/lyrics to go with this.

I did manage to actually finish the lyrics to a song today, with some decent hooks I think. It's called The Face of Proposition 8. Been working on it for a while now, finally wrote some Not Crap lyrics, I think. It's named after a certain video that my friend Mer took of a Prop 8 protest in which she is assaulted by the protesters who jab her with their signs until she starts crying. Sweet people doing the Lord's work.

I don't plan on demo-ing that here, will have to wait until Ben Franklin gets in the studio. But the girth of this song is based on this bass riff over here, plus a new lift and chorus.

Fairly productive today. The girl suggested that I try to do the bulk of my writing on the weekend since I always seem to too tired and a bit frizzle fried after work. So far, so good, although I am trying to at least sit down with the guitar a bit every day after work, can't help myself.

Eddie and I also had a really productive session the other night, putting two new ones together.

Tomorrow we're meeting up with Mr. Daniel Schlett to discuss a hard-core Minutemen style session for the BF at Hypersnakes in a couple of months.

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