Friday, March 06, 2009

Can I take it back?

There's something weird about seeing records I've put out in the iTunes store.

I know we put our records up on CD Baby to do just that.

But something in me makes me just want to pull them from the store, if I even can at this point. I'd have to check. Not that it's 1) entirely my decision or 2) advisable. Maybe it's the FUCK THE MAN impulse, my loathing of middlemen and credit card companies, or Zed's recent panning of the situation. It's a gut reaction, I haven't thought it out, and I'm not going to attempt to pull them, but the impulse is there.


Adam said...

I agree with Zed, I think it is "absolutely fucking retarded" that when trying to get our shit distributed online I couldn't just go directly to emusic, iTunes, Amazon, or whomever.

I tried a couple times to set our label up with The Orchard - who is a middle man that works with smaller labels - but they told me that Tank Crash's inventory wasn't big enough. In all honesty, though, what is keeping emusic/iTMS/etc from letting me upload my stuff to their site and sell it?

Is it that they don't want to host music they think is not going to be worth it? Music that isn't going to sell? That's "retarded" because they wound up hosting it anyway! Unfortunately the reality is I have long looked at the Tank Crash website and longed to put together something but couldn't be assed to take the time to actually sit down and write it.

Adam said...

Logging into CDBaby, it seems I can't pull the albums, after all. It isn't a "publication" per se. The way they word it is "delivery":

"You can change your level of digital distribution at any time, but it will not be retroactive and only affects future deliveries to digital retailers.

- Your album will not be removed from any services by adjusting this level -"

Billy Gray said...

Well that's interesting stuff to know, Broseph, thanks for digging that up!

I think I might just refrain from doing that again, posting to CD Baby and there by getting into iTunes and all.

I love eMusic, I don't get why they don't love us.

Also, like you I've wanted to code such a thing up myself but haven't really had the inclination to break out time for it. It's a lot of damn work to get something like that right. Just for yourself, never mind for other people to use as well.

And I also tend to think it's irresponsible to put services up on the Internets that have no future hope of being self-sustaining, and so you'd need to work out a biz model to pay for all that bandwidth.