Friday, March 13, 2009

BF at a party in Bushwick, Saturday night

My new friend Brittain asked us if we'd do a last minute acoustic performance, so Eddie and I took her up on it. It's out in Bushwick, and it really does start at 9pm, she asked me to stress that ;-)

Variety Show w/ Ben Franklin!

Flight of the Franklin, don't miss it.

In other news, we will be playing WE Fest, in Wilmington, NC this May, and we'll be going into Daniel Schlett's Hypersnakes studio at the beginning of May with Sarah to drop a new record.

Holy shit!

Okay back to work now.

(The Metric record kicks my ass all over the place)



Adam said...

Hey if you need assistance on the design / packaging front I am still your man. Perhaps this can be yet another TCR release? We should plan ahead.

Billy Gray said...

That would be totally tits, dude, thanks! I'll talk to the frenz banklin about it, but I have a feeling they'll be down ;-)