Sunday, August 22, 2010


We went to Comix last night to see Judah Friedlander (headliner) and a bunch of other yahoos yuck it up. They were all very good, and I'm still trying to find the list of the other comics who performed, as they had some dang zingers. I mean, it was really good, especially Judah.

I groaned when I first heard we were going because even though I'm a fan of Judah, I've always kind of hated the experience you typically get at comedy clubs. Dangerfield's is probably the worst example so I'll start there. You get "discount" tickets from somebody for $15, and that's your admission, provided you buy two drinks. Once inside, you find out drinks are $25 minimum. And the comics are terrible and there's no one there.

That's Dangerfield's though. At other places, it's more like Comix. Nice place, but the rules are the rules, dude, and if you don't like it, you can leave, and they'll penalize you for bringing around anyone who's not on board. Our friends who brought us to the show told us that on a previous trip came in with a friend who refused to buy two drinks, so he left early in the show. The club insisted on charging our friends for his two drinks. [ who goes back to that place after that? well, ... the comics were very good... ]

How do you even justify that? I mean, that's going out of your way to be vindictive. I'm sure that there are a lot of cheapskates out there, the club needs to stay in business, and the comics themselves need to get paid (do they actually get paid by the club?), but it's that kind of shit that usually keeps me out of comedy clubs.

Would be cool if comedy was treated a little more like theater by everyone involved.

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