Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pet Peeve: Brutal Stasi Police

Digby on another murder-by-taser of unaccountable people:

"If a citizen doesn't know that he is likely to be killed in the police station by asphyxiation and electrocution for failing to immediately follow a police officers order, then he deserves to die. This is America. "


One thing about the right-wing that I'll never understand is that while they scream and freak out and buy up all the local ammunition at the news of every bizarre and imagined threat to their "liberties" (few of which they could actually enumerate), they never, ever fucking speak out against this.

This kind of shit should be their bread and butter, as conservatives, or believers in limited government (living on welfare).

But they don't mind government having authoritarian, brutal power, as long as it's a Good White Christian at the wheel. Or behind the taser, I suppose.

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