Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sucky Liberalism Kinda Kills It

As Atrios wrote quite recently, when liberalism doesn't work, it discredits liberalism.

So there I was last night watching the aforementioned comics at Comix, and one of the best set-ups and lines of the night was when this one comic starts talking about having his appendix burst on him recently:

"I cost me $40,000! Aaaaand I didn't have health insurance because I thought Obama took care of that. There I am under the knife and they stop to ask me 'what kind of insurance do you have?' Obamaaaaaaaa..."

It was actually a really funny moment, it wasn't the usual right-wing Obamacare fear-mongering, but a more apt and specific criticism: The Administration Fucked Up Universal Healthcare, and Everyone Knows It.

It's going to make "fixing" it damn near impossible. But, y'know, had to take the best we could get and all, last chance to ever do anything ever or else ben nelson will take his steak and go home.

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